Monday, February 15, 2010

Dresses From My Past.....

This black and taupe print gown from my shop is obviously from the 1930’s! As many of you can probably tell by now, one of my favorite eras. To me, the 1930’s was the most glamorous time in fashion- the bias cut, the sequins molding to a woman’s every curve- the feathers, the silk, the velvet, the chiffon, the ruffles! The sheer fabrics sewn in demure cuts- ultimately very sexy! These fashions can’t get more feminine. It’s too bad in my opinion that women can’t be this sexy and feminine again. Women didn’t have to show it all to be sexy; many times these necklines go completely up to the chin! The backs…sometimes they went completely down to the back waist, fabulous in my opinion. Also included is a black silk velvet gown, so simple but the perfect example of the era. Also included a re-embroidered net gown, so lovely.

  Shown is a black lace gown I created from a 1930’s pattern that I took “liberties” with. Vintage patterns can be a great place to begin a design. They give you a feel for the era and then use your own design plans to make them “today”. Vintage patterns can be very challenging as they basically have no directions and no markings. The seamstress must be experienced enough to create on her own, for the most, part they are just a guide for a true vintage flair.
  Enjoy these gowns, as with all Vintage, the true joy is the pasts lives they have participated in and the future lives they have yet to come! They are dresses from my past…


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