Saturday, February 27, 2010

Locations That Have Featured Very Tres Chic!

I will update the places that have featured Very Tres Chic! Thank you to the following!

This gorgeous evening gown!

*what will you wear to the oscars* challenge post:

From Etsy's Merchandising Desk: Sprouting Up in March Related Items
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MY Chantilly lace Gown:


Favorite wedding ideas I've seen this week...

For my favorite wedding ideas this week I am beginning with a wonderful Vintage Wedding Gown –“ The Audrey Hepburn style Cahill of Beverly Hills 1950s Vintage Chantilly Lace and Tulle Tea Length Wedding Dress”

I would pare it with as SUPER FULL crinoline to make it ultra feminine. For the Headpeice the super flirtatious Can-can hat!

 Then to go in the other extreme, I would add The Channel tattoos. They are setting hearts afire. It wasn’t just them - Rodarte and Jean Paul Gautier also sent their models down the aisle in ephemeral ink for SS2010. I gotta-have-it.

And then for my Cake selection some artsy creations! Hand Painted Cakes. These remarkable cakes are by JollyBe Bakery. It is a small-scale bakery making original and delicious special-occasion cakes. JollyBe is located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and serves the greater New York area.

My favorite wedding ideas this week…Enjoy!

Dresses From My Past.....

In keeping with the pink theme…I’ve included some fun pink gowns and one of their perfect compliments green for this update. I’m thinking spring this morning as they said we might have 40 degrees sometime next week! Here in Wisconsin that is all we need to get the juices running!!!!!! Yes it may be 20 today but jus the sheer thought of sunshine and the spring garden is invigorating.

The first frock is white tulle with a delicate green cord trim and a velvet ribbon at the waist. This gown went from my shop to prom.

The second dress was perfect for its next life to a cocktail party. Off the shoulder, in icy pink taffeta and tulle. 

This third dress in the Kelly green tulle had rich gold embroidery on the bodice. The color was wonderful. I think its occasion was a holiday party.

And our forth selection is a delightful frock from the twenties. It was made of tulle and if I remember correctly it went off to a wedding in Hawaii!

The Fabulous Flowers!

Pretty in Pink! Pink says vibrant, it says spring. It says life and joy! Maybe this is why so many brides love pink for part of their wedding flowers. It is a lovely neutral, going well with many other color combinations. It has a wonderful large selection of flowers that the bride and her florist can choose from. I love working with pink as the bride’s choice in flowers, it leaves me wide open to find delicious combinations for bouquets, and reception ideas. Here are a few you might enjoy!

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The Fabulous Flowers!

Seven colors of Roses, gardenias, lilies, hydrangeas, orchids, & kermit mums are all included in this, my  favorite wedding! I did this special occasion in 2004. My loveliest bride, my most handsome groom, my most remarkable creation in all the weddings in my career. For this wedding I created the groom, my son!
Each table had a unique centerpiece using a collection of flowers in floral bowls and vases, some rose bowls stacked 15 high. We collected containers for months all used in unique combinations. Copious quantities of votives added to the atmosphere. There were hundreds of containers, all given away to guests as gifts! It was the loveliest of affairs..

Favorite wedding ideas I've seen this week...

My 1920’s Ivory Crepe Chiffon gown would be absolutely lovely with any or all of these delightful items from my fellow ETSY storeowners! My favorite wedding ideas for this week…


My Favorite places…a friend sent me these pictures this week! One of those forwarded emails that was worth enjoying! These are some of the most remarkable images from the Hubble telescope in the last 16 years.