Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Fabulous Flowers!

Fabulous Flowers will be a feature for you to enjoy. I will include wedding flowers I have DONE in the past, wedding flowers I love FROM the past, and CURRENT floral ideas I love.
This week’s story includes lovely bouquets from the past. My favorite era from weddings past is hands down the Twenties. Opulence abounds! And for those of you that know me, the more the better… more is more!!! The bouquets from this era are gigantic, and to me so gorgeous. Think about it brides-there is one day in your life when you can have flowers like these (well that you will be alive to enjoy!). You must, as far as I am concerned, take advantage of it and have the most luxurious bouquet you can afford. Go for it!!! These are some examples. My favorite flowers for weddings are orchids and more orchids, gardenias…nothing smells more wonderful, and peonies. Keep in mind everyone remembers the fabulous flowers!

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